Best Procrastination Excuse: The Fear of Imperfection

Yes, it has been quite some time since my last update. I have many reasons, excuses for the delay, really! First it was because I was so busy. Then the summer monsoon rains came along with the 90+ degree heat & humidity. As I arrive home from teaching each evening, I stare at my computer as my laptop stares straight back at me. Giving me the ‘evil eye’ for veggin’ in front of the TV, roasting in the hot, humid evening rather than sitting down & typing out my latest Korean experiences. But I still sit, relaxing, going over the day at work. Amazed I am actually in another country, living a life I never imagined. OK-it is not perfect, but I think the realization of actually making this dream come true-traveling internationally & working with children-still baffles me. And, even more powerful, is the fact that truly….the world is MY oyster!. I can have anything I want. If I can make this happen, what else am I capable of? Anything %^&*()!!!!

So, what holds me back from just going for it each & every minute I live & breathe? Fear. Fear of success, fear of failure. And, as much I wanted to leave that of who I was behind in the USA, I just can’t shake my need to have to complete my ‘task list’ in the correct order. OK, right,right…no one is holding me to the details of my list at all! Well, OK, there is one person…Yeah, ME!!!!! Man!!!! When I think of how far I have come in life, then this wonderful personality trait reveals its ugly head & shoot me right back down from my evolutionary high. Damn! My plan: to get my blog up to date, keeping my friends & family informed of my worldly travels & then off to explore, sight see, live a little more in this place they call South Korea! OK? OK!

Lastly, I know the longer I wait to write my blog, the more I forget the day-to-day details of my experiences. So just get on it & stop worrying about it, right? OK OK that is what I will do.

Here’s to living life on my own terms. Drawing outside the lines & not worrying about what my readers are expecting, but rather writing from my heart & not my head.

Love to you all~


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