Today is a New Day

Already going through withdrawls because my computer is not hooked up. Yesterday the kind man had given me one adapter which was great, but now I needed to get my internet set up. I had no clue as to who the internet service providers are in Korea. Even if I did find one to call, at nearly $3 per minute on my cell phone, there was no way I was going to do this. Not to mention the language barrier. So I did my best to prepare for my day without internet access (OK I know this can be done, but I would just prefer not to live without being connected to the world online at this time). With a WARM shower and Day Two awaiting me at DDD, my ride arrives & I am driven to school once again. We arrive. Walk to the top of the steps inside DDD, remove our shoes, replacing with indoor slippers, and walk to our respective areas of the building. The teaching schedules are given to me so that I could prepare for the English classes I will be teaching on Monday.

You see when I left SFO it was Tuesday, but between the long flight & time difference, I arrived in S Korea Wednesday evening. So Day One at DDD was Thursday, Day Two being Friday! Yeah!

So I tried to make sense of the daily teaching schedules that were laying before me. But a few minutes later I was being taxied off to the ‘sister’ DDD again for more training.

I arrived at our sister DDD ready to observe more Foreigner teacher classes. And I had a full day of it. My day was packed full of observing the Foreigner Teacher classes. Taking advantage of the few minutes we had before classes began, D & I sat in the Foreigner Teacher office and introduced me to more of the Foreigner Teachers. C (as I will call her), D & I talked about the life of being in a foreign country, care packages from home, items that are difficult to get here in S Korea & how anything important that I have shipped to me should be sent to the DDD address instead of my home address as the mail system is not real reliable. So I am following that guideline, just to be safe. I have received a couple of pieces of mail at my home address which were only delayed (I believe) because when I sent my family my contact information here I forgot to include the apartment number! Totally MY fault! One letter, that took a few weeks to get to me, I think because it was passed around my fellow apartments mailboxes. That one took three weeks. And I am the only Foreigner for miles around! So if it says USA on the return address, it most likely belongs to me. I am sure my neighbors knew the mail belonged to me, but figuring our which apartment number I am in, that is another story!

Anyway, the three of us teachers had a few good laughs before our teaching day began. I sat in on several Foreign Teacher classes before my eyes began to get heavy once again. The office staff noticed this and again let me go a bit early, chalking it up to jet lag.

I was driven back home, but this time, before coming home, my employers took me to my neighborhood computer repair shop to see about getting me hooked up online. For a very small amount of Won, I walked out with the ticket to my online freedom once again.

Arriving at home, my employers came in and got me all hooked up online. What still baffles me to this day is that all Eric did was plug in a few cords & an ethernet & the internet was up & running. No ISP software to download, install, run, etc. I was on my way…but more slowly I discovered than what I had hoped for.

I am still trying to catch-up on my emails, messages, etc. Slowly but surely.

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One Response to Today is a New Day

  1. Laurie says:

    You are such an adventuress!!!! Sending big hugs! Dr. A

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