First Stop…Grocery Store

So as my new employer wisked me away from my final flight of the evening, he & his wife took me to the grocery store to pick up some food & basic living essentials. The grocery store was nice & air conditioned, stocking many food stuffs & products I recognized, but the whole Korean language/monetary system was a bit overwhelming after such a long flight. Some basic veggies, orange juice, Top Ramen type noodles and we were off to my new apartment.

Just a few minutes drive away, we arrived at my new place. We loaded or arms with my luggage & groceries & began climbing the stairs to the third floor…#307 to be exact. The door is one with a keyless entry. keys required in S Korea! No car, no apartment key! Awesome! As long as I can remember the door code I will be OK. 🙂 Of course, the door is opened & everyone stops abruptly to do what?? Remove their shoes of course! We all leave our shoes at the door & come into the apartment. Of course I speak no Korean, my employers speak little English. The next few minutes Eric spent pointing & demonstrating how to turn on the gas to the two burner oven, how the bathroom shower operates, which side of the sink is hot/cold water, turning the TV on & off, how to operate the air-conditioner, turning the heater on/off. Jenny was putting my groceries way. I could barely keep up! Like a tornado, they brought me in, give me the quick tour, put my food away & were out just like that! Wow!

I felt like I packed a lot of stuff, maybe the hauling of my bags from SFO to Korea it just seemed liked I was carrying all of my worldly belongings. But I realized I didn’t bring much when it only took me five minutes to unpack. Of course one of the reasons this was so quick was because I could start unpacking, but couldn’t finish. I didn’t have any hangers, but most importantly, I did not have the voltage converters I so desperately needed to connect to my computer! And anyone who knows me well, knows that I go through widthdrawls if I cannot connect to my computer! I had 110 plugs & I was now living in a 220 volt country. Ah…I am not in California anymore!

Time for some sleep..because I begin my first day of work tomorrow…


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